Atelier Ana – place for ultimate haircut

Atelier Ana was founded in year 2012 in Podgorica’s City kvart, favored part of town for shopping and relaxing. In creatively decorated and pleasant space, we do what we are best at-sculpting and nurturing hair. Our doors are always open for those who want to meet us.


We think that beautiful appearance is a matter of basic decency, that sense of humor is essential, that dreams come true and that perfect haircut is an attitude.


Guided by creativity, quality and consistency, at Atelier Ana we set standards of perfectly groomed and shaped hair. Our talented team will answer with pleasure all style challenges you dare us with. And, while waiting for your new hair color, we will make sure that your nails are in perfect sync with your haircut.


So, whether you are always rushing, have endless job duties, or you simply just like to walk a lot, count on us to have your hair set for your specific task. You can come by to read a magazine, chat with us about your next haircut, make an appointment or just say hello.


Our customers are leaving us happy, pleased with themselves and looking good.


After all, this is our goal.

Our Team

Ana Vujadinović

After many years in industry, with successful career and recognizable style, Ana launches her own project – atelier Ana. It has answered her expectations, using one simple recipe: work, discipline and creativity. Her cheery spirit is guided by “it can always be better “ slogan, meaning atelier will always be changing its’ shape. In that process she runs freely and tangles our hairs. And we love it.

Ana Vujadinović

Owner / Master Stylist

One more master at Atelier Ana for whom each new customer represents a big challenge. He loves to keep you happy and satisfied which is why he has kind of psychological approach to his clients. Meaning, you can tell him everything, while he gently washes your hair. He loves atelier Ana because it is the right place to brighten up your day and he feels blessed among his female colleagues.

Goran Matanović

Master Stylist

You cannot enter atelier Ana without Tamara’s authorization. It means that you makecancelpaydelayagainmake an appointment with her on the phone. She is great fan of Ana’s work, which she considers an art and loves atelier because it is modern, beautiful and pleasant. She admits she loves watching women going out of salon totally satisfied with them. And in Tamara’s world, they continue living happily ever after.

Tamara Maksimović


Another young hairdresser who is crazy about her job. Since she has started working at Atelier Ana, she has learned to do everything in a totally new fashion. As a real professional, she likes challenges and feels awesome in her skin while experimenting with different styles. She says that clothes do not make the man, but the way you look says a lot.

Radmila Bulatović

Hair stylist

Sanja adores her working environment because everyone is focused to do the work the best they can and they do it like a team. And team work is crucial for quality results, which is standard at the atelier. She loves being here because it is always in fashion in full package: salon, team and clients. While working at the salon, she has learned to be responsible. Still, her favorite day in a week is Sunday.

Sanja Kraljević

Bojana Vujošević

Bojana, a.k.a. soft fingers of atelier Ana. She has very artful hands and enjoys her work, because she does what she loves. For her, synonym for the job she does is quality, and that requires constant work, perfecting and innovation. Her favorite color is green, because it has a calming effect on people. Just like her hands.

Bojana Vujošević


She is our exotic redhead. Admits she is in love in atelier ana because it’s a working environment which standards and quality compete with salons from metropolises, such as Paris, London or New York. Accordingly, she kindly recommends: “if you want to be at the place where trends are born, sit back and let the creative team atelier ana take care of you”.

Mirjana Ilinčić

Hair stylist

Milica’s internship is underway at Atelier Ana, where she is part of the team. She considers the salon as a modern and contemporary place, so she loves spending work hours there. Her colleagues are people with great experience and being around them is a learning experience. In her opinion, fashion is an important part of everyone’s life. During her free time, you can see her around with her siblings and friends.

Milica Čogurić


Someone to greet you, book your appointment and make sure you are comfortable in the trendy and urban place, that Dragana thinks of the salon. She enjoys working as a team player in an atmosphere where people enjoy what they do. During her time off, she loves spending it with her children, preferably somewhere in the nature.

Dragana Melentijević


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