First of all, we wish you happy 1st of May & a wonderful holiday!

This time, we decided to provide a wave of extremely delicate, bright & sunny colors.

When they are spread throw hair, they all intertwine in the tones of the Angel Blonde, which always brings special shine and admiration.

To achieve these nuances, which are often desired when they are not given by nature, the coloration is possible and equally authentic, and the difference is only in the part that happens due to the growth of a new hair, which requires regular refreshment, in the same thread.

Beside it, hairdressing magic magic has reached the level in which it can reproduce & perform all those “special effects” that may occur during the summer months, quite spontaneously, creating a mini palette between the strands.

The most significant contrast is achieved when the root stays in its darker tone, from which it easily flattens into the opposite.   We represent you more of our dear clients, who adorn this dreamy cloak. 🙂