Hair texture is one of the deciding factors that determines her care & styling.

Then when it’s curly, the assumption is that it is more demanding to maintain, but such is only valid until the moment that the right way is not found. 🙂  

Due to its dryness, which is bigger then of straight hair, it requires special shampoos & balms, especially designed for this type of hair, to feed and hydrate, while washing should not take place more than two, up to three times a week , in order to contain its volume.

If you are looking for a special hairstyle for some kind of dear & special occasion, our proposal is to use the given structure, reduce the natural volume and to act on the form by drying.

The outcome is wavy hair, which follows the shape of the head and is refreshed with a special package, which contributes to gloss & softness. Gentle & feminine, yet again, completely natural. 😉

That is how we do it in our salon. 🙂