Do you know those colors that we all look completely  in love at, that appear in wonderful sunsets? Well, our team can spill them onto your hair. 😉

Our client has decided for two shades – a pastel blue and a more intense pink. Each of them takes a special part of the hair surface, with a clear border between them.
This indisputable selection is made with colors for a somewhat more unusual tones & it also requires somewhat more specific care.

On the other hand, a short haircut, in its most basic (left photograph), is a few centimeters long, with a more massive central part. Due to such disposal, it can be stylized in a variety of ways, shaping in both sides, and thus by highlighting one of two colors. One of the solutions is presented on the right picture.

Seems like fun, doesn’t it? 🙂

If you are also in a mood for some kind of summer color, we are waiting for you in our salon! 😉