Warm days of spring & summer always inspire us on the recognizable hairstyle of the ’80s, because in them, it feels the best.
This is the so-called, wet hair look. 🙂

The essence of this hairstyle is the glazed hair from the face, up and back. The back of the hair is treated depending on the mood, and it remains released, curled, sometimes tied in a low-tailed or knitted fabric, or, also, polished, which was the choice of our client.

The length of her hair is bordered with the neck line and the whole is treated with the means necessary to achieve the desired look.
This hairstyle, when you get it at home, carries the “danger” of being “wrong” treated with a gel or other product that achieves sticking, which may result in undesired, slightly messy hair.

Therefore, although apparently simply, during its performance in our salon, a more numerous “apparatus” was used – the gel, which is formed; shine spray, which achieves shine & supports the vision of “wet hair”; lacquer, which fixes it & stands steady. The fact is that all of the above is used to a somewhat more important extent in order to achieve success, but the proportion of all of them is of great importance, in order to achieve a quality outcome.


This blend of modern & retro looks, wins at night & during evening outings, so be prepared to pay attention. 😉